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CEO-Franklin Ihekwoaba


CEO Frank Ihekwoab details the WINDS team discovery of the Utah natural gas energy sector and how WINDS charted their path into the future with a sustainable energy sector.

My Story

Frank was the Managing Director at Nima Capital Advisory Partners Limited and the Managing Director of Peace Alliance Limited, an affiliate of Oceanic Bank Plc; focused on investment banking activities. He has core expertise in acquisitions, business recovery, designing and implementing Strategy, risk management, process mapping, methodology development and Resource Allocation.

He was the pioneer Group Head, Finance, Strategy and Risk Management at Oando Plc. where he was responsible for working with the CEO’s within the Group to set the strategic direction of the company with regards to positioning, finance and risk management. He provided the strategic direction to companies within the Oando Group and trained staff in process mapping and supervised the CFO’s in resource allocation.

He monitored company and group performances to ensure successful annual budgets and dividends as well as interacting with the market to ensure optimal share price.

Frank led the first transition of a Plc in Nigeria from IAS to IFRS and listed Oando in the Johannesburg stock exchange; being the first Nigerian company to be listed in the exchange.

Furthermore, Frank lead and steered the SPV Eroton Exploration and Production Ltd), to succeed in the takeover of the OML 18 asset from the SPDC consortium. He set up the corporate entity, which included hiring 220 personnel including all the engineers. He is currently the CFO of this SPV (Eroton Exploration and Production Limited).

Frank holds a Master of Science (Msc) in Financial Management and a Master of Science (Msc) in Information Systems from the University of Minnesota and Southeastern University. He has international work experience in USA, UK, Germany, and UAE, MALAYSIA and across Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia).

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